At SLG™, we are all about providing end consumers a better deal on commercially viable and exclusive products.


Our watch store have the largest selection of fine and well renowned timepieces at affordable prices in Northern Europe. Our extensive selection in combination with our unconquerable prices makes Scandinavia's leading watch store.
Uret - Klockor Uret.se - Klockor
Laatukello - Kello Laatukellot.fi - Kellot
Urverket - Klokker Urverket.no - Klokker
Urvaerket - Ure Urværket.dk - Ure
CzasZegarkow - Zegarki CzasZegarkow.pl - Zegarki


Lamastone™ is our online store for exclusive jewellery and diamonds. We specialize in fantastic and unique diamond ring creations for engagement and wedding.
Smycken Lamastone.se - Smycken
Smykker Lamastone.dk - Smykker
Smykker Lamastone.no - Smykker
Jewelry Lamastone.com - Jewelry

Vintage wristwatches

UretVintage & VintageWatchAgency is specializing in pre-owned watches and vintage rarities. Finally a place where you can trade your old watch and/or buy a used watch with hi-res photos and extensive details about every watch and it's condition.
Vintageklockor & Begagnade klockor UretVintage - Begagnade klockor
Vintage watches & Pre-owned watches VintageWatchAgency - Pre-owned watches
KelloKlassikot - Käytetyt kellot KelloKlassikot - Käytetyt kellot
VintageWatches - BRUGTE URE & VINTAGE URE VintageWatches - Brugte ure
VintageZegarki - Zegarki używane i z drugiej ręki VintageZegarki - Zegarki używane


Aplanet is the essence of smart shopping. With a huge selection of 180.000 interesting articles at low prices Aplanet is gradually becoming the next multiproduct shopping experience in Sweden.
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